Crash Course for JEE Mains 2020

                   by IITians

A group of IITians have come together to provide for a crash-cum-revision course for JEE Mains 2020.

Outstanding Clarity

A particular IITian teaches only that over which he/she has absolute mastery.

We provide this so that you only get the best from the best.

Strengthen Individual Topics

Most of the students want to strengthen a few important topics only and do not need a full syllabus course.

So choose any topic that you want to get ready for JEE and we will provide it individually.

Tips and Tricks

Learn all the tricks for a particular topic or for the whole syllabus.

These tricks will be the ones that these IITians themselves used to crack the exam.

Make sure you know these before going for the exam.

Question solving Tactics

A question will be solved using different tactics which save time in the exam and provide more efficiency.


Properly framed assignment, consisting of past year and other concept strengthening questions  will be provided for each topic.

A single class covers:

Covering the basics

A quick revision of the topic including the formulas and the basic understanding

Question solving Tactics

A large number of questions will be solved live in front of you with different tactics so as to help you understand how to

solve questions quickly and efficiently.

Doubt solving

Each class will contain a part where your doubts will be discussed.

Individual topics 

  • A particular topic in its entirety.

  • A single 2 hr class

Single Subject

Meant for students who want to strengthen a few important topics only

  • All the topics in JEE main syllabus for a single subject will be covered 

  • 30 or so classes over a period of month

Complete JEE Mains Package

Meant for students who want to strengthen a few important topics only

  • All the JEE main topics

  • 80 or so classes

  • 3 classes single day for a month


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