My Super30 JEE Experience

Abdur Rahman

Super30 Alumni

Mains '19 - AIR 1633

Advanced '19 - AIR 3233

Chemical Engineering, IIT Delhi

I grew up in a middle-class family, which couldn’t bear the cost of my JEE Preparation. I had heard a lot about Super30 from my friends, TV, newspaper, etc. I knew that they select 30 meritorious students and prepare them for JEE and most of them crack JEE with a good rank. So, I wanted to study there like many of my kind.

So, I appeared for its exam. I’d not prepared much but I’d revised class 9th and 10th syllabus completely . I wasn’t sure if I’ll be selected or not but that was my only hope. I was eagerly waiting for the results. Finally! My father received a call from Super30 that I’d been selected. I can’t explain what that meant for me and my family. Everyone was very happy. I went there with a hope of cracking JEE Adv. with a decent rank and there was no looking back since then.

During my JEE Preparation, I’ve faced several difficulties. In the initial days of class 11th,  I used to score least marks in weekly tests. I wasn’t confident about my answers. I used to leave the lengthy questions at the first site,assuming that they’re very tough for me. After every weekly test, I was disappointed by the results. I used to think that I wasn’t going to make it into an IIT with such a poor performance.

Then, I started to think over it. I solved all the past test papers again and realized that I’d committed several silly mistakes. I’d left several easy questions unattempted. I had time management issues. I realized that I needed to study harder and improve my way of studying. I had to be able to attempt all types of questions with confidence. But how could all this be done?

I knew where I needed to improve but I didn’t know how to do that. So, I consulted my mentors who told me that I should study more efficiently and approach questions logically. I must understand all the concepts deeply and practice a lot. They constantly motivated me and I worked harder. 

It was after 6 months that I realized how I should study : Learn every topic in depth, think and analyze every problem instead of jumping to the solution directly, and study with full concentration. I used to practice more and more questions. In the exams thereafter, first of all, I attempted the questions which seemed easy to me and then moved towards the difficult ones. I stopped being afraid of lengthy questions and used to think over them. And yeah!, most of them can be easily solved, one just needs to critically and logically analyze the problem given, and it gets reduced to a simple problem.

With the above techniques, I improved my Physics a lot. In the first few tests of electrostats, I scored the highest marks in my batch(nearly 100%). This gave me a new hope and motivation.

At the end of class 11th, I was the Physics topper. But, I knew that for JEE, all subjects are equally important. It’s dangerous to depend only on one subject in JEE because no one knows which subject will be easier and which will be tough in the exam. One shouldn’t take risk in such a situation where career is at stake.  So, I started focusing on Maths and Chemistry then. I made them equally strong in a few months.

In August 2018, when I was in class 12th, I emerged out as the topper of my batch in a weekly test. I was very happy. My mentors appreciated and  encouraged me, and I studied more and more. At the end, I was one of the best students there.

I never lost hope. Whenever I got depressed I just told myself that depression would never help me, indeed it would only hamper my journey to IIT. Finally,  The same boy who didn’t even know well about IITs, cracked JEE with a decent rank and got admitted in his dream college, IIT Delhi.

I’ve always preferred smart work to hard work. The reason for my success is my belief in the fact that at the end of street, smart leaves studious behind. Being smart saves a lot of time as you can find ways to study less and gain more. You learn ways to study more efficiently and approach logically towards questions. This is what cracking JEE is all about.


Physics always seemed to me more fascinating than any other subject because of it’s intriguing concepts and it explains so many phenomena in a logical manner. Actually, the beauty of Physics is that it becomes permanent for our mind, once we’ve understood it. Once you've understood any topic of Physics deeply, you'll  always be able to solve its problems and you'll enjoy it. That’s why, Physics became my love. I got so good at some of the physics topics that I taught a few physics classes while still being a student (this is what happens at Super30). These are the moments from my JEE Prep. days, which I’m proud of. I still have a good hold over Mechanics and Electrostatics. In both JEE Mains exams, I scored 115/120 in Physics.

I’ve been helping JEE aspirants since my JEE preparation days. At Super30, I used to take classes of my batchmates and juniors. In my 1st year at IIT, I’ve been working as an online tutor for TutorPoint and I’ve also taught some JEE aspirants as a social service under a project of NSS, IIT Delhi. The way I explain things is appreciated by my pupils. I make them deeply analyze and fully visualize the problems while solving them. And, this is the magic tool for JEE.

Besides, teaching, explaining and making difficult things easy for someone is my passion. Looking forward for helping more and more students crack JEE with a good rank.

Good Luck!


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